Have you ever strained or torn your hamstring and just rested it? Or maybe you just did a few stretches for it?  Does that same hamstring continue to pull you up (and put you out) as you try to get back to sport? Let me let you in on a little secret – that’s because you have not rehabilitated it properly – and it will continue to plague you in some way or form until you do (or give up sport!)

If you continue to do nothing about your injury, you will likely re-injure it again, potentially much worse than it originally was. Not only this, there is a whole list of other potential injuries you may face as a result of your dodgy hamstring, such as increased risk of back and knee pain.

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Hey, all you Surfers out there!

Are other surfers stealing your waves because your shoulder pain stops you from paddling fast enough?

Have you been ignoring your shoulder pain, just hoping it would go away? (Ps – chances are it won’t…)

Do you want to know the hottest, new addition to our shoulder treatment that offers long lasting improvements in pain and function? Keep reading…….

But first I’d like to say, I’m sick of ineffective quick fixes that aren’t research based and that don’t offer long term solutions to pain.

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Do you find that your knee pain is stopping you from doing what you want to do?

Did you know that there was a 36% increase in knee replacement surgery for knee pain caused by arthritis between 2005/6 – 2015/16?!?

A huge contributing factor to this is that people are viewing knee pain and arthritis as a “normal” part of the ageing process and just accepting knee pain instead of doing something constructive to prevent it.

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Have you been told to do your pelvic floor exercises but you’re just not sure you are getting it right?

Would you like to know definitively that you are doing it  correctly with real time feedback to show a picture of what your muscles are actually doing during that exercise

We can help you out using Real-time ultrasound!

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Planking Core Strength

It might sound crazy, but some people aren’t aware that there are joints in the pelvis, let alone that they can move!!

Often pain originating from your pelvis is mistaken for lower back pain.

It’s important  you understand when it’s your pelvis and not your lower back causing pain – there’s a significant difference and can change treatment dramatically.

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Help, my hand feels like its burning!

Does this sound like you?

You wake up in the middle of the night with numbness and tingling into you hand and have to shake your hand out to make it feel “normal” again. Mornings are the worst, but throughout the day you can get burning pain into your hand, wrist and forearm. Sometimes you find it hard to hold onto things and drop them on the floor.

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The shoulder joint is very mobile but this mobility comes at a price; it is one of the least stable joints

in the body. It is, therefore, prone to dislocation. These types of injuries are commonly seen in football players, skiers and surfers, and can also occur after a simple fall or reaching out to catch a ball.

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