Knee Arthritis Program:

Knee Arthritis Program:

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Are you looking for a Physio who understands your injury and will work with you to achieve your goals?

Here at Aushealth Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves as being a leader in health care on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. What’s our secret? We care about our patients and we are dedicated to ensuring the best possible outcomes for every individual who comes to our clinic.

We utilise the most up to date Physiotherapy assessment and treatment techniques to create the best management plan for each individual, ensuring you reach your treatment goals and get back to your regular lifestyle FAST. Our treatment programs are tailor made to suit you, as we know generic management plans will simply not get the best outcomes.

The Physiotherapists in our clinic specialise in Back and Neck pain, Sports and Post-surgical injury rehabilitation, Hip, Knee and Shoulder Pain, Headaches and Women’s Health. We also run our own hydrotherapy classes, so we are able to ensure your rehabilitation program can commence as soon as possible, allowing you to reach your goals more quickly.

Partners of the Allsports Physiotherpy Group


Physiotherapy is a researched-based health science that focuses on the anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of the human body. Combined with their clinical expertise, Physiotherapists use this knowledge to assist individuals in their recovery from injury.


We all know that exercise and keeping strong is very important in the treatment of arthritis, post operatively or following any musculoskeletal injury. But sometimes pain in the affected joints makes it impossible to start the process of getting moving again.


As Physiotherapists we regularly refer many our patients to Massage Therapy for a variety of reasons, most of which are focused on helping speed an individual’s recovery. We therefore need to know that we have some of the leading Clinical Massage Therapists here on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Ergonomics & Workplace Assessments

Sit to stand desks have become extremely popular recently and we get asked a lot about them. The most common question being, is sitting or standing better? So technology and design stepped in to save the day and the “sit to stand” desk evolved.